CASKET LOTTERY, THE – possiblies and maybes

CDsecond nature recordings2003


Kansas City, Missouri’s most prolific rock outfit, The Casket Lottery, has been anything but idle in its five year existence. With a catalog spanning over 50 songs, including three full length albums, two EP’s, countless 7″, split 7″, and compilation appearances, the band has continuously lapped the country with the simple notion of playing music they love to as many people they can. Possiblies and Maybes takes a retrospective look at the band’s growth and accomplishments, while touching on the present with it’s offering of six new, unreleased tracks. Possiblies and Maybes is a comprehensive documentation of The Casket Lottery’s « odds and ends » songs, conveniently packaged complete with liner notes, lyrics, and photos.


1. a priest walks into a bar2. charmichaels and carpikes3. better off4. the natives5. blessed/cursed6. red house7. lost at sea8. the great one and lonely9. six different ways10. synchronicity II11. unteen12. for ever13. march on babylon14. bill and axe15. best man16. in the meantime17. what i (re)built last night18. rip van winkle (demo)19. everyone here is wrong (demo)20. this song goes to eleven

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