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By combining elements that range from Voivod-esque progressive metal, along with aesthetics taken from progressive/post-hardcore and dissonant avant-black metal, “Mounds Of Ash” is an album that will align CASTEVET alongside the creative aura that lurks within New York’s underground metal scene, one in which finds company amongst such luminaries as Krallice, Unearthly Trance, Tombs, The Howling Wind, Bloody Panda, Negative Plane, Black Anvil, Batillus, A Storm Of Light, Hull, Liturgy, Malkuth etc. With “Mounds Of Ash”, CASTEVET will immediately be recognized amongst the elite of NY’s extreme metal underground.


1. Red Star Sans Chastity
2. Mounds Of Ash
3. Grey Matter
4. Red Aura
5. Stones
6. Wreathed In Smoke
7. Harvester

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