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Cendre was recorded across two days in January 2022 at the band’s rehearsal space (Le Ventre de la Baleine in Pantin, France), by Pablo Saguez, and mastered by experimental music artist and producer Paulie Jan at Agit Prop Studio. It falls within the doom and sludge heritage while incorporating elements that come in counterpoint of this dynamic, losing the listener in a monolithic maze of hatred and filth.
Noise, drone and black metal influences can be heard throughout Baptiste P.’s guitar arrangements and cavernous screaming in french. Cerbère‘s music is ruled by a sharp contrast between a visceral urgency and a telluric trance through the prism of darkness. Lyrically, the album also explores various themes that illustrate such contrast : the torments of a youth lived in boredom, hatred, frustration and rejection on the eponymous track, a boundary-free escapism from everyday life, as well as introspection with the epic river track “Les Tours De Set” inspired by the Conan The Barbarian saga.


1. Cendre
2. Sale Chien
3. Les Tours De Set

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