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Remains is a collection of live recordings.
The first disc, Ecstasy with the Nonexistents, is a soundboard recording of a full live set from 2018. Assembled with great care, this set list was only performed in concert once. The concept was to reinvent the songs, re-arranging pieces from Transient and Mouvement into a continuous three-part suite. The first section is slow, more self-centered than introverted, and obsessive. The second section is atmospheric, dominated by improvisations with bells, flutes, shamanic drumming, and mantra-like vocal patterns. The final section is carnal, wild and intuitive, completing the journey from an aggressive, selfish state to one of abandonment and sharing.
The second disc, IIIII, is a compilation of studio outtakes, alternate versions, and live recordings spanning 2012 to 2016. As always, the material is linked conceptually and through the mix in order to create a single long piece that evolves as it goes and echoes itself. The band felt it was important to share these pieces before it all was buried under ashes and dust.


DISC 1 : Ecstasy with the Nonexistents
1. Senses of the Nonexistent
2. Through Kaleidoscopic Haze of Unexpected Extents
3. 享楽主義
4. Black Mantra
5. Interzone VIII
6. Surrounded and Amazed by these Unplumbed Abysses of the Inverted Sea
7. Soul Ruiner
8. Shine On, Obsidian! Ego! Ego! Echo Back to the Yearning of the Self!

1. 享楽主義
2. I
3. Pasto Nudo (Interzona)
4. II
5. Advent of my Genesis
6. III
7. Perspectives
9. Kaetamine
11. Soul Ruiner

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