CHATTAWAY, JAY – maniac (OST) – VINYL LP (transparent red)

VINYL LP (transparent red)death waltz recording1981


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Death Waltz Recording Co. is proud to present a re-issue of Jay Chattaway's soundtrack to the 1980 classic Maniac.
An absolutely phenomenal, sleazy synth score from Jay Chattaway, perfectly capturing the unease and grime of Times Square in its pre-Disney clean up era. Its minimal synth lines, full to the brim with dark brooding menace, exaggerated ring modulations and discordant strings manage to echo the utter despare of Joe Spinell's character on screen.
This stands head and shoulders above similar 80's synth scores which often riffed on John Carpenter's Halloween score a little too much. Maniac sees Chattaway going wild, adding layers of noise & dialogue into the mix, giving the score an utterly claustrophobic feel that manages to be both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. This is a genuinely uncomfortable listen and it is easy to see why it has become such a classic amongst synth-heads and horror fans alike.
Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl. Housed inside a 425gsm sleeve. Art by Randy Ortiz.


1. Maniac’s Theme (Main Titles)
2. Apocalypse New York
3. On The Beach/Hookers Heartbeat
4. A Little Knife Music
5. Inner Voices
6. Maniac Strikes Back
7. Blast Him
8. Blast Her

1. Window Shopping
2. Subway Terror
3. Goodbye Rita
4. Cemetery Chase
5. Cry For Mother
6. Mannequins’ Revenge
7. Maniac’s Theme (End Titles)

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