CIRCLE OF ANIMALS – destroy the light – CD

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The Sanford Parker (MINSK, HIGH CONFESSIONS, NACHTMYSTIUM) and Bruce Lamont (YAKUZA) helmed CIRCLE OF ANIMALS delivers a modern form of the legendary Chicago industrial sound on its first proper full-length ‘Destroy the Light’. Created from the ground up around a rotating cast of well-known drummers picked from all corners of the rock spectrum (Steve Shelley [SONIC YOUTH], Dave Witte [MUNICIPAL WASTE/BURNT BY THE SUN], John Herndon [TORTOISE], John Merryman [CEPHALIC CARNAGE] and more), Parker and Lamont paint a collection of dark, epic, unforgettable tracks that are sometimes driving, sometimes creeping, but always brooding and hypnotic.


1. Invisible War
2. Seminal Animal
3. No Faith
4. All Spirit/No Mind
5. And Together We Are Forever
6. Lessen Human Suffering
7. Poison The Lamb
8. Destroy The Light

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