CLOUD CATCHER – trails of kozmic dust – VINYL LP (clear with blue & orange haze)

VINYL LP (clear with blue & orange haze)totem cat records2017


« With its gnarly odes to voodoo children and celestial empresses, Trails of Kozmic Dust finds Colorado’s Cloud Catcher settling further into their swampy, vintage sound. These eight slices of bluesy psych-rock capture heavy metal at its most classic. With a record store’s worth of riffs at his disposal, vocalist and guitarist Rory Rummings’ extended solos—equal parts cosmic grandeur and classic rock worship—are the record’s highlight. The whole album serves as a reminder that space might represent our projections of the future, but it’s been there long before any of us. “We’ll leave this world far behind/Believer in ancient times,” Rummings sings optimistically in closing track “Righteous Ruler.” And just like that, the great unknown feels a bit more familiar. » – PITCHFORK


1. Astral Warlord
2. Celestial Empress
3. Beyond The Electric Sun
4. Dimensional Interlude

1. Visions
2. Trails Of Kozmic Dust
3. Super Acid Magick
4. Righteous Ruler

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