COBALT – eater of birds – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)profound lore records2007


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Much more atmospheric, strategic, advanced, darker, and overall, much more devastating and oppressive than their previous “War Metal” effort, “Eater Of Birds” is an epic cinematic extreme blackened war metal scourge rummaging through harsh violent musical terrain, thematically and lyrically laced with intelligently thought-provoking woven subjects that explore true darkness, desolation and introversion, self-reflection and despair, loss, the power of nature, all while reflecting upon the true animal instincts that dwell within the nature of man; to behold the will of the strong and to dominate the weak. Hail the noble savage… stealer of the sky… one with the wilderness…
Encapsulating 70-plus minutes of tribal and ritualistic-like blackened war metal with the soundscape aesthetic found in such acts as NEUROSIS, SWANS, KILLING JOKE, and ANGELS OF LIGHT, “Eater Of Birds” presents a different kind of façade in the North American extreme black metal scene. One that goes much beyond the familiarity that likewise plagues it…
And speaking of the greatest band of all time, namely SWANS, “Eater Of Birds” is graced – on a few tracks – by none other than the legendary Swans siren JARBOE (no need to go over her impeccable repertoire), her first official appearance on an extreme black/metal album.


1. When Serpents Return
2. Ulcerism
3. Ritual Use Of Fire

1. Blood Eagle Sacrifice
2. Witherer
3. Ritual Use Of Fire

1. Invincible Sun
2. Androids, Automatons, and Nihilists

1. Cephalopod
2. Ritual Use Of Fire
3. Eater Of Birds

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