COBALT – gin – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)profound lore records2009


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The soundtrack to the strong inheriting the earth, ?Gin? is a dark, eerie, and violent outburst that takes Cobalt?s surreal avant-war/left-field black metal approach and tears it into new epic and ritualistic proportions. A sonic fist fuck like no other, going more for the throat and plunging further into the depths, ?Gin? is a study of torment, violence, strong excess, hard sex, and despair through a harsh and very real terrain the duo of Sergeant Phil McSorley and Erik Wunder have wandered within upon in recent times. This is reality.
Like an epic diseased black metal interpretation of NEUROSIS, SWANS, HIGH ON FIRE, TOOL, and KILLING JOKE, ?Gin? sees Cobalt shifting their sound in a sense where more substance and depth becomes layered through the ritualistic and tribal rhythms found within the music, all while maintaining the violent and harsh nature that Cobalt?s music has always been characterized by.
Being hailed as one of the most unique and distinct entities that has spawned out of the U.S. black metal underground, with ?Gin?, Cobalt have proven once again that no extreme metal band within the U.S. have come close to capturing an aesthetic and power that McSorley and Wunder have conjured.
Dedicated to literary vanguards Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson, ?Gin? also remains one of the first, and few extreme metal albums to introduce classic American literature and tearing into the heart of American culture. Overall, ?Gin? is the springboard to fuck the universe.


1. Gin
2. Dry Body

1. Arsonry
2. Throat
3. Stomach
4. A Clean, Well Lighted Place

1. Pregnant Insect
2. Two Thumbed Fist

1. The Old Man Who Lied For His Entire Life
2. A Starved Horror

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