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At 44 minutes in length (longer than your average EP length), “Landfill Breastmilk Beast” presents three exclusive tracks: ‘Stomach’, a crushing new track that will be featured on the next full length, ‘Extinction’ which is a Nausea cover, and the epic ambient piece, namely ‘Ritual Use Of Fire’, a piece created solely by vocalist Phil McSorley during a time of isolation several years ago and a piece that runes a course of 29 minutes.
Surely the name ‘Ritual Use Of Fire’ rings a bell for those who indulged in “Eater Of Birds”, said piece serving as the three acoustic ambient interludes on said album. Nonetheless, “Landfill Breastmilk Beast” pretty much presents ‘Ritual Use Of Fire’ in its entirety, although somewhat updated and augmented by the band last minute for this EP. It’s a very introspective piece, experimental of course where surrounding environmental sounds become captured, but quite moving and extremely dark in nature, yet beautiful and in a way, unique.


1. Stomach
2. Extinction
3. Ritual Use Of Fire

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