COLDWORKER – the doomsayer’s call

CDlistenable records2012


Coldworker is a name any death metal fan will be familiar with because they have
long been considered to be at the very forefront of the evolution of the genre.
They have long since abandoned the standard serpentine-riff and blast beat oblivion
based approach to the style (although it persists to some extent), instead offering
an interpretation that’s based on the chaotic murderyour instruments type of
expression as offered by many grindcore bands. They’ve also understood that playing
grindcore only takes you so far, and thus, a hybrid sound that takes the best of
both worlds was born. « The Doomsayer’s Call » is their third attempt of such hellish
chaos, and arguably their best and most interesting produce yet.


1. A New Era
2. The Reprobate
3. The Glass Envelope
4. Flesh World
5. Murderous
6. Pessimist
7. Monochrome Existence
8. Vacuum Fields
9. Living Is Suffering
10. The Walls of Eryx
11. Violent Society
12. Becoming the Stench
13. The Phantom Carriage


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