COLISEUM – goddamage

CDtemporary residence limited2005


Just about 15 minutes of dirty, angular, hardcore/punk inspired rock ‘n’ roll from Kentucky, where the songs average a little over a minute each and jump from straight up rock to chugging hardcore/punk power chords to twisted, caustic discordance that’s fairly well controlled. Among the longer tracks, “Year of the Pig” opens it up with a little more creativity by changing things up between some of the angular riffing with lots of dual guitar interaction and straight up rock riffs accented by awesome little dissonant twists during the chorus; “Miracle Cure” often has an early-80’s US hardcore sound to it; and “Dehumanize” plows through a minute of contemporary crust punk, which returns in “Head Down & Burn” by stripping away the former’s added heaviness to hit on the DISCHARGE meets MOTÖRHEAD vibe that some of their past work has flirted with. But “Set it Straight” is the absolute classic of the disc, shifting from memorable rock runs to catchy bursts of subtle melodic dissonance that make for an amazing chorus that’s actually quite emotional considering. This is a great fucking EP !


1. year of the pig2. theme3. miracle cure 4. dehumanize5. turn to dust6. reborn to hang7. head down and burn8. set it straight

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