COLTRANES, THE – visions of terror and bliss ep / chris benoit ep – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)shogun recordings2012


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Vinyl version of 2 limited 100 CDEPs by this Temecula, CA band somewhere in between The Misfits, Fang, Merchandise and NASA Space Universe. Hardcore Punk with lo-fi kind of feel of the guitar and bass while the vocal style is mature, diverse and controlled. From the band: « There's not much to say about us. We're a three piece (Walt, Ernie, Otis) from out in the middle of the desert. We hate everybody, everybody hates us. It's hot as fuck out here and we get all the santa ana winds so we're losin our shit. »


1. Gutter Butter
2. D.B.D.A.
3. Haunted
4. Skullfuck Island
5. The Goddess Bunny
6. Bland
7. Boxcutter/Little Boys

1. Cut Throat / Recycle
2. Play With Shadows
3. Bone Suckin’ Blues
4. The Study Of Blind Children
5. Close Shave
6. Black Disease And Cherry Trees
7. Fight Your Friends
8. I’ve Done This To Myself

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