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Caveman Battle Doom Metal from UK. The English CONAN follow the ideals of their namesake and continue their path without compromises. The second album « Blood Eagle » is a Doom/Drone/Stoner Metal monument filled with monolithic riffs, hypnotic melodies, brutal drumming and an archaic atmosphere. Epic hymns (e.g. « Crown of Talons » or « Gravity Chasm ») transport the listener directly onto blood-soaked battlefields. « Blood Eagle » has a unique and raw character that will enthrall fans of AHAB, EYEHATEGOD or SUNN O))) with the very first note. The wrath of CONAN is upon us! Caveman Battle Doom!


1. Crown of Talons
2. Total Conquest
3. Foehammer
4. Gravity Chasm
5. Horns for Teeth
6. Altar of Grief

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