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“America’s Volume Dealer” is the sixth album by Corrosion of Conformity originally released in the year 2000. This was the last album to feature longtime drummer Reed Mullin for 9 years until his return in 2010. After making headway into the ’90s alternative metal scene with a grungy, slowed-down version of their trademark punk-metal, COC (now the band’s official name, instead of just a widely accepted nickname) moved into the new millennium looking to keep up their momentum.


1. Over Me
2. Congratulations Song
3. Stare Too Long
4. Diablo Blvd.
5. Doublewide
6. Zippo
7. Who’s Got the Fire
8. Sleeping Martyr
9. Take What You Want
10. 13 Angels
11. Gittin’ It on
12. Rather See You Dead
13. Steady Roller (Demo Version)

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