DALEK – endangered philosophies – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)ipecac recordings2017


Dälek returns to Ipecac for their new album, Endangered Philosophies. Dälek, who have been “Mixing the searing political rhetoric of Public Enemy, the suffocating shoegaze textures of My Bloody Valentine and the primal appeal of squealing industrial noise” for over 18 years (Rolling Stone), return to Ipecac Recordings with Endangered Philosophies, the trio’s fifth Ipecac release and seventh album overall. “Before Def Jux, before Death Grips, before Yeezus, there was Dälek” (Noisy). Pioneers of alt hip-hop, Dälek features rapper/producer MC Dälek, producer/live electronics Mike Manteca and turntablist DJ rEk. With roots in the mid-’90s DIY scene, Dälek has consistently released ground-breaking albums, starting with their 1998 debut EP, Negro Necro Nekros, which NME said saw the outfit “deconstruct hip hop” to 2016’s Asphalt for Eden, hailed by Pitchfork for its subtlety and restraint, saying “on Asphalt for Eden, hip hop ascends into the no sphere.” Black vinyl with Side D etching


1. Echoes Of…
2. Weapons
3. Few Understand
4. The Son Of Immigrants

1. Beyond The Madness
2. Sacrifice
3. Nothing Stays Permanent
4. A Collective Cancelled Thought

1. Battlecries
2. Straight Razors
3. Numb

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