DAUGHTERS – you won’t get what you want – VINYL 2xLP (london fog)

VINYL 2xLP (london fog)ipecac recordings2018


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However, by titling their 2018 fourth full-length and debut for Ipecac Recordings, You Won’t Get What You Want, Daughters send a crystal clear message. The quartet—Alexis Marshall [vocals], Nick Sadler [guitar], Jon Syverson [drums], and Sam Walker [bass]—once again follow the same internal compass that guided them to blur the lines of fickle heavy music sub-genres in the first place and quietly ignite a cult fervor typically reserved for grindhouse phenomena.
In fact, the best way to describe the philosophy and the sound of the quartet is simply: rock ‘n’ roll.
“I've always felt we decide what a Daughters record is,” Alexis exclaims. “It's not a sound or an aesthetic. Daughters is the name of our group and, we will do whatever we want to do with it. If that's a jazz record or an opera, then that's the decision we've made. With that, this feels like the natural progression of things musically.”


1. City Song
2. Long Road, No Turns

1. Satan In The Wait
2. The Flammable Man
3. The Lords Song

1. Less Sex
2. Daughter
3. The Reason They Hate Me

1. Ocean Song
2. Guest House

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