DE MASI, FRANCESCO – the new york ripper (OST)

VINYL LP (transparent green)death waltz recording1982


The score to the notorious banned in many countries Lucio Fulci video nasty is a revelation tracks such as ‘New York One More Night ‘ mix disco funk and latin to striking effect while slower tracks such as ‘The Ripper’ manage to capture the sleazy pre disney clean up of New York perfectly with their moody sax breaks and 42nd street atmosphere.

Score by Francesco De Masi

Exclusive art by Nick Percival

Sleeve notes by Stephen Thrower and Nick Percival.

180 gm vinyl pressed on green and yellow duck vinyl house in a heavyweight casebound tip on Jacket. Includes 4 page booklet and poster.


1. New York… One More Day
2. Phone Call
3. New York… One Night
4. Puertorico Club
5. The Ripper
6. New York… One More Day

1. Fay
2. Where Is The Ripper?
3. New York… One Night
4. Puertorico Club
5. Suspense And Murder
6. Waiting For The Killer

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