DEAD MEADOW – three kings

CD + DVDxemu records2010


Feature-length Live movie with short vignettes (ala Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same) combined with the soundtrack of the movie in dual pack (both CD/DVD and LP/DVD). The performance captures the band at the height of the indie non-stop touring machine and gives fans the first official live album, almost a greatest hits worth of catalog. Also included is an ep’s worth of new never-before heard material that gives a glimpse of a music career to come.


1. Til Kingdom Come (live)
2. Between Me and the Ground (live)
3. Good Moanin’ (live)
4. At Her Open Door (live)
5. To the One
6. That Old Temple
7. The Narrows
8. Everything’s Going On (live)
9. Seven Seers (live)
10. Lady (live)
11. Darlin
12. Push ’em to the Crux
13. The Whirlings (live)
14. Queen of All Returns (live)
15. Beyond the Fields We Know (live)
16. Greensky Greenlake (live)

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