DEADBIRD – twilight ritual – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)totem cat records2009


Available for the very first time on vinyl ! Totem Cat Records & Hibernation Release are proud to bring you this important piece of Arkansas Doom Metal originally released in 2007, featuring members & ex-members of Rwake, Pallbearer & The Obsessed. The vinyl comes with a 4-pages insert featuring the story of the recording, and a download code for the previously unreleased version of the album called “Other Worlds Than This” !
Brothers Schaaf (Chuck and Phil) formed Deadbird in 2002. Chuck has been playing in Little Rock s own Rwake, at the time but decided to head back to Fayetteville, AR so he could start a new band with his brother. Deadbird released their debut The Head and the Heart in 2005 on Codebreaker / Earache. Many tours and personal changes later finds Deadbird releasing their second full length twilight ritual . Firmly rooted in the underground heavy sound of present day Arkansas Deadbird s strong metallic riff-centric edge manages to sneak hardcore, punk, southern rock melody and even vocal harmonies into their music.


1. Into The Clearing
2. Death Of The Self
3. Rule Discordia

1. Feral Flame
2. The Riverbed
3. Twilight Ritual

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