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CD digisleevebridge nine records2009


A truly honest, intense and dark album based as a narrative story of a man’s life set to a volatile soundtrack of hardcore fury, punk melody and metal technicality. Defeater has elements of Fugazi, Botch, Minor Threat and Modern Life Is War. Initially released on Topshelf Records, a label owned by Bridge Nine employee Seth Decoteau, Bridge Nine recognized the talent and passion of both Decoteau and Defeater and are now teaming up to get this incredible debut full-length out to the whole world.


1. Blessed Burden
2. Everything Went Quiet
3. Nameless Streets
4. Forgiver Forgetter
5. The City By Dawn
6. Prophet In Plain Clothes
7. Carrying Weight
8. Moon Shine
9. The Blues
10. Debts
11. Cowardice

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