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France has long been a fertile breeding ground for black metal, and one of its best kept secrets is Deluge, who have been kicking up a blend of that genre and post-hardcore since 2014. Dropping their debut full-length Ather in 2015, in 2020 they return with sophomore effort Ago Templo, a more accessible record that pushes their sound in ever more imaginative directions. Creating bright, powerful and honest music inspired by black metal, the band lay no claims to truly belonging to that scene, proudly labeling themselves in the beginning as ‘untrve French black metal’. Produced by Francois-Thibaut with assistance from engineers Thibault Chaumont/Deviant Lab studio (Igorrr, Carpenter Brut, Birds in Row) Ago Templo marks a bold step forward from their earlier recorded output


1. Soufre
2. Opprobre
3. Abysses
4. Fratres
5. Gloire Au Silence
6. Ægo Templo
7. Baïne
8. Digue
9. Béryl
10. Vers

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