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Era is the fourth annual report from Chicago powerhouse quartet Disappears. It was formed during the gloom of the Chicago winter at Electrical Audio by now regular foil John Congleton.

Insular and dark, the album sees the band further refining their love of dub, minimalism and repetition into their most original and stark set yet.

It harks back to the early 80's post punk period, when almost anything seemed possible with the classic two guitar, bass and drums lineup, and exploration and expansion of what could be done with these elements was at the fore.

Dueling wiry and squalling guitars lead the way while a lockdown rhythm section provides the perpetual forward motion.

Era is Disappears at their most abrasive, contemplative, and paranoid – it's the sound of the void looking back.


1. girl
2. power
3. utra
4. era
5. weird house
6. elite typical
7. new house

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