DISAPPEARS – guider – CD

CD digisleevekranky records2011


2010 was a busy year for the Disappears. They finally saw their debut album Lux released, they did a fair amount of touring, and they recorded this new album. Having worked these new songs into proper shape in the live setting, they went into the studio and ripped through the recordings, using the first take on all but one of the tracks. And Disappears are so much about the NOW and not the THEN that they recorded over the same reels of tape that they used for their first album.

“Guider” means to control or influence, which is what all the songs ended up being about in one form or another. This is a heads down, blinders on, damn the distractions, forward driving, controlled squall. Drop the needle, turn up the volume and surrender to the delicious.


1. Superstition
2. Not Romantic
3. Halo
4. Guider
5. New Fast
6. Revisting

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