DISAPPEARS – pre language – CD

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Right on cue, the third annual report from Chicago’s Disappears is submitted for your consideration. Following up on the acclaimed Guider album released just over a year ago, and with new drummer Steve Shelley now fully integrated into the group, these songs were again forged into proper shape during live shows before heading to the studio and the tape machine.

Never ones to dither or be indecisive, it’s a full-bore assault from the opening track to the last as Disappears attack these new songs with their usual relentless determination. It’s a sinister proceeding – debut Lux was preoccupied with death and endings while follow up Guider with protection – but Pre Language finds the band speaking on, of all things, love. Direct allusions to Philip K. Dick, James Baldwin, and Joan of Arc sit side by side with songs about the lows of life and the characters that permeate it.

Recorded in Hoboken New Jersey at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio and mixed with John Congleton, Pre Language finds Disappears at their most potent and focused. The band has finally stepped into their own world and the results are thrilling.


1. replicate
2. pre language
3. hibernation sickness
4. minor patterns
5. all gone white
6. joa
7. fear of darkness
8. love drug
9. brother joliene

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