DISPOSE – nightmare visions and beyond

VINYL LP (black)shogun recordings2013


Compilation of 4 demos published originally in 2009-2010 by Reset Not Equal Zero recs in Japan: The Warsound EP (split with Chaotic Disorder), Apocalypse Approaches EP, Apocalypse Of Darkness, and Wargame Fairytales. 22 songs on here, simply expect the best raw d-beat from Sweden. Yep. Nothing less. These fellows have others releases on such power houses like Rawmantic Disasters and D-Takt & Råpunk. How good is this? R.N.E.Z. recs is taking care of the digital version of the record that’s not to be missed for all Raw Punk Spirit / Disclose fans around. The band still plays local shows in Sweden while we hope they’re gonna show up on Continental Europe someday.


1. The Sound Of War
2. Neverending Holocaust
3. Neutral
4. Vision Of Horror
5. Aspects Of War
6. After The Holocaust
7. Wargrave
8. Inferno Nuclear
9. Vicious Games
10.Apocalypse Approaches

1. Dispose
2. Warfare
3. The Demons Core
4. Apocalypse Of Darkness
5. State Order
6. The Bloodflag
7. Wargame Fairytales
8. Incarcerated
9. Cleansing
10. Aint No Fucker
11. No Glory
12. Witness Of Warcrimes

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