DUNE MESSIAH – moments of bliss – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)third coming records2019


The Danish folk-noir artist Dune Messiah, unfolds a universe of black romance and mysticism. On March 29, he is publishing his second studio album « Moments of Bliss », through French label Third Coming Records and German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe.

Throughout the album we get to know a kind of isolated character express his bitter emotions and pity for humanity. A misanthrope who is outside the common society and sometimes with a sense of jealousy tries to reach out towards it. The character often finds himself hopelessly in love with a female figure, or in hateful envy and with a burning desire to destroy or degrade the female figure as a reaction to this. In the song Silence and Surrender, the man behind Dune Messiah, Magnus Westergaard sings:


1. Silence And Surrender
2. Berenice (E.A.P)
3. Black Seaweed
4. The Blizzard
5. A Midnight Walk In The Norwegian Snow

1. Dreaming Away
2. Broken
3. A Moment Of Bliss
4. The Black Stallion Horse Of Commerce
5. The Endless Fire

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