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Entitled “Test Of Submission”, this is the sixth full-length album in DYSRHYTHMIA’s repertoire and the band’s most-intense and accomplished album to date. Already going on a decade-plus career, DYSRYHTMIA were one of the first prominent bands to bring awareness to the instrumental progressive metal movement in America, in an age where there were not even a handful of bands attempting to do what DYSRHYTHMIA were doing in music; setting new standards and helping to create a new movement within extreme metal all on their own. The band would gain even more prominence as part of the Relapse Records roster where not only members from DYSRYHTMIA (them of course being guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, bassist Colin Marston, and drummer Jeff Eber) would also be defined by their musical and playing fortitude, but said members would continue to make a name for themselves even further within such bands as Gorguts, Krallice, Vaura, Byla, and …Behold The Acrtopus.

Nonetheless, such accomplished musicians have once again come together to make a new album at a time where there seems to be a overbearing glut of bands attempting to prove their worth in some rat-race to see which band can outdo themselves in technical prowess or whatever. DYSRHYTHMIA’s “Test Of Submission” will singlehandedly prove this trio’s superiority. With ease.


1. In Secrecy
2. Test Of Submission
3. The Line Always Snaps
4. Running Towards The End
5. In The Spirit Of Catastrophe
6. The Madness Of Three
7. Like Chameleons
8. In Consequence

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