EARTH CRISIS – salvation of innocents – CD

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Founded in 1989 in Syracuse, New York, Earth Crisis are recognised as being among the first Hardcore bands to have a true “metal” sound. With countless comparisons to Pantera and the like, the band were flattered! Following a lengthy and sometimes difficult career that saw car accidents, line-up changes, covers, collaborations and a deal with Major label, Roadrunner, the band decided enough was enough and disbanded in 2001. For many bands, the trial by fire these guys endured over their first 12 years would be enough for them to say “No More!” but the dedication of Earth Crisis was more than most: Their support of animal rights movements and promotion of straight edge vegan lifestyles should be evidence enough of this, but instead they decided to reform and prove to the world once more – who is the most hardcore! Since 2007 Earth Crisis have headlined several festivals across the States and Europe, recorded and released two new albums and hit the studio once more for their 8th studio album!


1. De-Desensitize
2. Out of the Cages
3. Shiver
4. The Morbid Glare
5. Razors Through Flesh
6. Depraved Indifference
7. No Reason
8. The Pallid Surgeon
9. Devoted to Death
10. Into Nothingness
11. Tentacles of the Altering Eyes
12. Final Breath

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