ED WARNER – apocalypse buddies

VINYL 10'' (black)emergence records2014


ED WARNER is a Fast Punk rock band from TOURS, Indre et Loire, FRANCE. We formed the band in November 2011 during a drunkard party. We had the desire to play together, between friends, and to earn a lot of money too, because we deeply know the punk rock is the best way to have great cars and huge houses with pools…
So, ED WARNER is a 4 pieces band, with members of others punk rock and hardcore bands from this City. ED WARNER is like a team who loves stuffs like DROP DEAD, MUNICIPAL WASTE, GOVERNMENT WARNING, DS13, MINOR THREAT, GWAR, TOTO, Swedish D-Beat or DESCENDENTS. ED WARNER is all that in the same bag !!!


1. Toilet Earth
2. What’s The Point
3. Crimes?
4. Dieu Est Amour
5. Dan Marino Was A Punk
6. From Here To Eternity
7. Still Human

1. Drama Of My Life
2. Question… Answer
3. Don’t Talk To Me

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