ELUVIUM – copia – CD

CDtemporary residence limited2007


Following a string of increasingly remarkable albums, Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper set out to broaden his instrumental palette, while maintaining the uncanny emotional resonance that has become his trademark. The result is ‘Copia’, an hour-long epic that applies Eluvium’s heartache-inducing ether to a symphony of strings, brass, keyboards and piano. Noticeably absent but hardly missed are the washes of guitars that color most of Eluvium’s previous material. The deliberate exclusion of traditional rock instrumentation serves as sufficient proof that the instrument is not Eluvium¹s driving force. At best it is a catalyst, a vehicle to that netherworld in the back of your head, where your life starts to uncontrollably reevaluate itself. —–


1. amreik
2. indoor swimming at the space station
3. seeing you off the edges
4. prelude for time feelers
5. requiem on frankfort ave.
6. radio ballet
7. (intermission)
8. after nature
9. reciting the airships
10. ostinato
11. hymn #1
12. repose in blue —– —–

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