EMBOE – alea deluxe

CD digipackzero egal petit interieur2017


Dark, sexy, intimate, noisy, Emmanuel Boeuf (sons of frida, A shape, Dernière transmission) leaves guitars for electronic music with Aléa Deluxe. Sonic Youth And Rihanna together at last


1. Still
2. Drowned
3. Bad Fever
4. Crash Rain
5. The Green Number
6. Cosmic Freak
7. Time To Get Erased
8. Cold Clown
9. Pink Pussy
10. In Like Dead
11. Neverskin (Feat. Sasha Andres)
12. Just Your Shoulder
13. Cacatoes
14. Mastic Dead (Feat. Emotion Fécale)
15. Somebody In The Clouds
16. Feel The Same
17. Shot Groove
18. Gosasys
19. Lowbig
20. Dreaams Around
21. Sister Must Go On
22. Hope To See You Again

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