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New York’s Endless Boogie are pleased to announce their third studio album, ‘Long Island’.· The foursome – comprised of Paul ‘Top Dollar’Major, Jesper Eklow, Harry Druzd and Marc Razo -have made a monstrous epic of an album.· More often than not, Matt Sweeney joins them onthese songs, a recent staple of the live band andan able partner for Major to work off. Sweeneyand Eklow are credited with producing.· Paul Major says of ‘Long Island’: “There’s a lottastrange characters on this album, I don’t knowwho most of them are. They span time. Theyseem to know me. They insist there are nomessages in the music beyond blasting off andstaying there… We brought the beast back alivethis time, be careful when you tear off the shrinkwrap.”· The band’s sound is a meltdown of metal,psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose ofriffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics. It’sthunderous and mellow at once.


1. The Savageist
2. Taking Out The Trash
3. The Artemus Ward
4. Imprecations
5. Occult Banker
6. On Cryology
7. General Admission
8. The Montgomery Manuscript

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