ENNIO MORRICONE – space:1999 (OST) – VINYL 2xLP (black)

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Death Waltz Recording Company is ready to whisk you far into the future – to the end of the 20th Century – with the truly out-of-this-world Ennio Morricone score to SPAZIO: 1999, starring the late, great Martin Landau. Produced by the legendary Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the feature was constructed out of three episodes of the revered SPACE: 1999 television show to introduce Italian audiences to Commander Koenig and his crew. It thrilled audiences with nuclear explosions, parallel universes, and space opera thrills, all coming out of Moonbase Alpha. While the Italian show still featured the brassy sound of Barry Gray, legendary maestro Morricone was employed to bring a decidedly different feel to the theatrical film.
From the opening, the score launches into wild space jazz with piano and trumpet interspersed with all kinds of noise before it descends into a creepier vibe. Morricone uses unsettling violins and atonal music together with electronics to simulate the void of space and the danger faced by the intrepid heroes. What emerges is a mix of sci-fi and horror that will not only thrill you, but also scare the living daylights out of you. Human decision required.


1. Follia Nello Spazio
2. Proporzionale
3. Elettronica [#1]
4. Convergenze
5. Fasi

1. Elettronica [#2]
2. Follia Nello Spazio [#2]
3. Conduzione
4. Elettronica [#3]
5. Parallasse

1. Buoni Di Una Nuova Civilità
2. Costante
3. Follia Nello Spazio [#3]
4. Elettronica [#4]
5. Interposizione
6. Elettronica [#5]

1. Studio
D2 Spazio 1999

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