EXIT-13 – smoking songs (with BLISS BLOOD) – VINYL LP (clear)

VINYL LP (clear)behind the mountain records1996


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Exit-13 is a mainly- studio concoction, the brainchild of guitarist Steve O’Donnell and vocalist Bill Yurkiewicz(ex-Relapse Records owner ); for this recording, they enlisted the assistance of members of Brutal Truth (Danny Lilker and Rich Hoak ) and former Pain Teens singer Bliss Blood. Released in 1996, this odd collection of songs is a tribute to the virtues of smokin’ spliffs, mostly featuring « smoking songs » of the 1920s and ’30s along with a couple of parody moments and a crazed semi-white-noise freakout track, « Loading Dock. » 12″ vinyl reissue (first time on vinyl) – classic Exit-13 album from 1996. Limit to 500 copies « Milky Clear Transparent » color vinyl


1. Light Up!
2. Jack I’m Mellow
3. If You’re A Viper (Blissful Mix)
4. Stoney Monday
5. When I Get Low, I Get High
6. Lotus Blossom (Sweet Marijuana)
7. Willie The Record Releaser

1. 1’1 (Thirteen Inches Of Fun)
2. Weed
3. If You’re A Viper (Viper Mad Lilker Mix)
4. Knockin’ Myself Out
5. Hempcake
6. Sweet Marijuana Brown
7. Loading Dock

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