FIREBIRD – double diamond – CD

CDrise above records2011


Beginning with the relentless « Soul Saviour », Double Diamond entices the listener with a succession of riffs, hooks and moments of sheer melodic abandon. Once heard, the snappy, succinct chorus of « Ruined » simply refuses to shift from one’s head. « Bright Lights » is something of a mini-epic, clocking in at under four minutes yet somehow making the transition from a driving verse/chorus arrangement to an anthemic mid-section where both Steer and drummer Ludwig Witt push themselves to their absolute limits. « For Crying Out Loud » is perhaps the most immediate track on the album; its unstoppable thrust underpinned by the sonorous bass of Greyum May. Firebird then display a more subtle side on « Farewell », exploiting their dynamic range and settling, temporarily, into a slightly gentler pace.

« A Wing And A Prayer » sees the band return to full pelt. As so-called « road songs » go, this could rank as the most honest, least glamorous to date, backed up by one of the greatest Firebird riffs ever. « Pound Of Flesh » highlights just how far the group’s production values have come, its haunting refrain providing a superb contrast to the stop-start nature of the opening verses. A slightly more exotic approach can be heard on « Arabesque ». This dark, brooding tune revels in a middle-eastern mode that oozes mystique.
Proceedings take an upbeat turn with « Lose Your Delusions », a tale of egotism gone sour married to an irresistible stomp. And « Pantomime » closes Double Diamond, gradually building from a low-key acoustic opening to the spirited electric release of a finale that caps the album beautifully.


1. Soul Saviour
2. Ruined
3. Bright Lights
4. For Crying Out Loud
5. Farewell
6. A Wing & A Prayer
7. Pound Of Flesh
8. Arabesque
9. Lose Your Delusions
10. Pantomime

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