FULL OF HELL – with MERZBOW – 2xCD digipack

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As the album title suggests, the new FULL OF HELL full-length album sees the Pennsylvanian/Maryland hardcore noise extremists indulge into realms of more harshness and noise by collaborating with noise godfather Masami Akita. What results is something even more experimental, brutal, destructive, and devastating than anything that comprises FULL OF HELL’s previous output (a gloriously vast one at that). “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” is an output in which shows more musical depth and sees the band expanding their sound to the next level by creating a sonically layered opus where their experimentation and noise helps shape their sound, rooted in hardcore and grind, even more by becoming a stronger focus.

Exclusive to the CD edition only, “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” also features the “Sister Fawn” bonus disc which is 30+ minutes of further exploration into noise through the band’s collaboration with Merzbow. All is packaged in a gorgeously designed 2xCD 6-panel digipack with art and design by Mark McCoy.


1. Burst Synapse
2. Gordian Knot
3. Humming Miter
4. Blue Litmus
5. Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloody And Terrible
6. Thrum In The Deep
7. Shattered Knife
8. Mute
9. High Fells
10. Ludjet Av Gud
11. Fawn Heads And Unjoy

1. Ergot
2. Merzrone
3. Aphid
4. Crumbling Ore
5. Litany Of Desire

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