GENGHIS TRON – dead mountain mouth – CD

CDcrucial blast records2006


Dead Mountain Mouth is the hotly anticipated full length follow-up to Genghis Tron’s bold 2005 debut EP, Cloak of Love. Recorded at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (Converge), Dead Mountain Mouth moves beyond the rapid-fire electro/grind genre splicing of Cloak of Love and forms something new, something more cohesive and fluid, an arcane union of digital dreams and brutal heaviness, where speedcore outbursts blossom from clouds of maximum beat-driven bliss and futuristic metalcore riffage seethes from your speakers. These ten gloriously dense, triumphantly catchy jams soar through vast valleys of immense crush and wonderfully alien vistas of 8-bit wizardry unlike anything you’ve heard before. –


1. the folding road2. chapels3. from the aisle 4. dead mountain mouth5. white walls6. badlands7. greek beds 8. asleep on the forest floor9. warm woods10. lake of virgins

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