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GERYON is a two-man NY-based avant-garde technical prog-death metal band comprised of one half of KRALLICE, namely bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein.

Solely through bass guitar, drums, and vocals, GERYON conjure a singular vision through complex layers and meticulously crafted tones where dissonance and melody maintain that equilibrium though the band’s chaotic sound. Taking from the blueprint through the duo’s experience in Krallice and Astomatous (the two-piece band McMaster and Weinstein had years before joining Krallice), GERYON while seemingly stripped down to the bare minimum without any electric guitars in the mix whatsoever, the sounds that conjure from the duo’s new album “The Wound And The Bow” (which follows 2013’s self-titled debut) present an enveloping and overwhelming sound picture.


1. Silent Command
2. Dawn
3. Lys
4. Skein
5. Legion
6. The Wound and the Bow
7. Dioscuri

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