GNAW THEIR TONGUES – all the dread magnificence of perversity

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New album by Dutch one man blackmetal project Gnaw Their Tongues. Cd will be out on Crucial Blast. Vinyl has three extra songs compared to the cd. An impossible blend of metal, choral, industrial, electronic, ambient, drone, noise and blackness, a gorgeous, and gorgeously infernal concoction, every record, another chapter in some sick saga, hell swallowing the surface dwellers, misery and mayhem overtaking humanity, death and pestilence, the world a graveyard for humanity, such utter depravity conveyed in such epic and dementedly brilliant sounds, which is precisely why Gnaw Their Tongues is quickly becoming one of our favorite bands going.


1. My orifices await ravaging
2. Verbrannt und verflucht
3. Broken fingers point upwards in vain
4. The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands
5. l?Ange qui annonce la fin du temps
6. Gazing at me through tears of urine
7. Rife with deep teeth marks
8. All the dread magnificence of perversity
9. The gnostic ritual consumption of semen as embodiment of wounds teared in the soul
10. Thee, I invoke, Akephalou
11. I hear only the clanking of the scythe
12. A promise of revenge whispered from stitched lips

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