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Goden is the spiritual successor to Winter, a band that has been heavily influential and highly revered in the metal underground since its inception and treasured demos. A long-awaited continuation of what Winter would have been from co-founder Stephen Flam’s vision, the new album “Beyond Darkness” throws us into an existential voyage out of the past and into the future. A familiar yet distinctive new opus that expands the unmapped shadow world that Winter once opened in our nightmares.
A soundtrack that takes the listener on a dark and ominous journey, Beyond Darkness is a conceptual deep dive into wildly unexplored and unknown sonic territory. The story has three characters, each with different symbols: Stephen Flam as “Spacewinds”, the time and space in which these characters dwell; Vas Kallas as “NXYTA (Goddess of Night)”, lead vocalist and the darkness: Tony Pinnisi as “The Prophet of Goden”, who speaks in the name of Goden and is the light, plays keyboards and also played in Winter. Beyond Darkness is a tale of the dark and the light, set to a score of heavy music.


1. Glowing Red Sun
2. Manifestation I – Tolling Death Bells
3. Twilight
4. Manifestation II – A New Order
5. Cosmic Blood
6. Manifestation II – The Spawn of Malevolence
7. Komm Susser Tod
8. Genesis Rise
9. Manifestation IV – The Progeny of Goden
10. Dark Nebula
11. Manifestation V – The Epoch of Goden
12. I Am Immortal
13. Manifestation VI – The Beginning and the End
14. Ego Eimie Gy
15. Manifestation VII – Gaia Rejuvenated
16. Night
17. Manifestation VIII – A New Age
18. Thundering Silence
19. Winter

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