GOODBYE DIANA – goodbye diana

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Recorded in January 2015 by Serge Morattel (Year of No Light, Basement, Ventura, Knut) 10 tracks that 52 minutes is the band’s third album since 2006. After crossing bands on the road as Mono, Grails, Pneu, Marvin, Shub and Don Caballero. Goodbye Diana has a 4-year break to come back as a trio of guitar, bass and drums. Always instrumental the band from Montpellier travel between math rock and post rock, not hesitating to mix fine melodies buried under sheets of delay and rhythmic and catchy riffs.

The artwork cover is inspired by the work of Swiss artist Ueli Hofer. The band will be touring France in the spring: Pau, Bolbec, Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Angouleme, Nimes, Marseille .. .


1. Yvon de chalon
2. Moustache (34)
3. Le Chat noir
4. Gégé (28)
5. Poilus (72)
6. Robert Fripp en cagoule
7. Jean Pierre
8. Herbert d’autoroute
9. Alan Biquet
10. Chuck Norris is Fucked

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