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Hotly anticipated third album from Finland’s most notorious modern day Post-Punk outfit, Grave Pleasures drop their new “post-punk wet dream,” Plagueboys on 21st April 2023. Plagueboys blows up the promise of cult classic 2017 album Motherblood into a danceable gothic pop-feast of existential disintegration for the roaring 20’s. An exhilarating, tear-filled, grinning dance of death, undoubtedly Grave Pleasures most sophisticated album yet, for fans of Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Killing Joke and Echo & The Bunnymen.


1. Disintegration Girl
2. Heart Like A Slaughterhouse
3. When The Shooting’s Done
4. High On Annihilation
5. Lead Balloons
6. Imminent Collapse
7. Society Of Spectres
8. Conspiracy Of Love
9. Plagueboys
10. Tears On The Camera Lens

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