GRIME – grime

CD digipackmordgrimm records2012


Six tracks of raw, furious, negative sludge metal here – nothing more, nothing less. While there’s no invention or innovation whatsoever the conviction with which it’s all delivered strongarms any complaints or misgivings you might have out of the way, thus allowing you to zone in on the filthy tide of misanthropy that slowly oozes toward you: vicious, sucking riffs; clobbered drums and gnashing, world-hating vocals delivered with no end of spite and malice. It’s grand stuff, and definitely recommended if you’ve ever spent long evenings home alone, punching yourself in the head while listening to Grief, Cavity or Iron Monkey.


1. Self-Contempt
2. The Journey
3. Charon
4. Chasm
5. Born Sick
6. Wife-Beater

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