GROWING – lateral

CDthe social registry2008


Hot on the heels of their recent release for our 7-inch series, The Social Club, we are extremely pleased to present Growing’s inaugural record with The Social Registry. Lateral finds the band reflecting on their past two (may we add highly underrated) albums while gazing to the future with newfound rhythmic motifs and otherworldly heights to their sound sculptures. The textures are warm and inviting, tempting the listener to focus on stunning minimalist changes within Growing’s dense aural fog.

Lateral begins with ‘Swell,’ a new mission statement for the band’s ever-evolving journey to craft the perfect drone. Opening fuzz continues on the trajectory of ‘Lightfoot,’ the albumcloser off Vision Swim, creating a sense of progression in Growing’s work without seeming overtly nostalgic. The band slowly swells to extreme heights and then phase shifts into another galaxy. ‘First Contact’ quiets the mood, demonstrating a preoccupation with rhythmic noise in the midst of more spaced-out, playful guitar melodies. From here, Growing progress to ‘Lateral’ which meshes the fuzzed out freeform and restrained horizontal composition qualities of the first two tracks. Like a Brooklyn response to the Kompakt ambient series, textural rhythm and washes of atmospheric sound merge for the perfect pre-bed cocktail. Finally, the album concludes with ‘After Glow’ another woozy alien soundtrack that’s simultaneously relaxing and jarring in its beauty, creating a thorough trance through careful repetition. One chord from Growing’s arsenal creates a mindblowing springboard to the stars and makes us think: if Eno made music for airports, Growing make music for spacestations.


1. swell
2. first contact
3. lateral
4. after glow

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