H.C. MINDS – the beginning of the end

VINYL LP (black)blind date records2009


H.C. Minds from Eugene, Oregon started back in the early 90’s by Isamu (Yob) and Mikey (Aldebaran) and sporadically released a couple of records, you should check the great split ep with dot(.) in 2003.
Now H.C. Mind is back with 5 of their slowest but not less apocalyptic DOOM songs. I.e. there is « Eyes Filled with Ashes » in which a 6 minutes lasting
minimalistic atmospheric piano intro leads to an as minimalistic but more destroying sound with dual vocals. One break and 12 minutes later you are still paralyzed and wonder why your coffee is already ice-cold. But you don’t care because « The Beginning of the End » just started to press your back into the seat.


1. blood of the devil
2. land of the wargoat
3. the stench of the ravaged

1. eyes filled with ashes
2. the beginning of the end

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