HALSHUG – sort sind – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)southern lord recordings2016


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2nd album from raw d-beat punk destroyers. “Sort Sind” (Black Mind) is for fiends of: Discharge, Skitsystem. Pure Mayhem!

“Sort Sind” and the songs are reflections on fragments of the human experience expressed in the form of hardcore punk. The music is pure hardcore punk, no intended cross-overs or fusions. In the style of the bands EP and first LP, the style is scandinavian d-beat punk with many mid-tempo breakdowns and a few stomp-punk passages along the way. Differently from the last two releases (the LP Blodets Bånd on Southern Lord recs. and Dödkontrol on D-beat & Raw Punk recs.) the fast parts on this album aren’t as fast or as blasting, but turned slightly down to a more groovy d-beat. Some crusty references still occur, but riffs and leads on this album aren’t as orthodox to the scandinavian style as an the former releases.


1. Sort Sind
2. Indre Fængsel
3. Udskud
4. Vold

1. Mørket Falder
2. Helvede
3. Vanvid
4. Nederlag
5. Ensom Død

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