HARM DONE – split with SEX PRISONER – CD digipack

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Tucson's favorite PV band Sex Prisoner teamed up with the frenchies from Harm Done on this record. After both bands worked on a European tour happening in October 2017 they thought « Why not putting out a split record for the occasion? ». Here it is, 8 tracks (4 each) of their own kind of furious Powerviolence / Hardcore filled with Metal influences. Somewhere between Infest, Crossed Out, Despise You, Nails or Morbid Angel.


1. SEX PRISONER – Dark Mind
2. SEX PRISONER – Power Violence Wonderland
3. SEX PRISONER – Tropical Island
4. SEX PRISONER – Vengeance Dad
5. HARM DONE – Force Fed
6. HARM DONE – Anhedonia
7. HARM DONE – Endless Fall
8. HARM DONE – Loneliness

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