HARMS WAY – blinded – VINYL LP (clear)

VINYL LP (clear)deathwish records2013


Harm's Way are an absolute force of a band from Chicago, Illinois. They made a name for themselves with masterful releases on the Organized Crime and Closed Casket Activities labels. With their punishing « Isolation » album (Closed Casket, 2011), Harm's Way brutally melded a metal attack, hardcore aggression, and industrial repetition into a new kind of sound. Creating a balance of intensity and originality rare in today's world of music.

The evolution of Harm's Way continues with « Blinded », their new 12″EP/CD on Deathwish. Illustrated by Florian Bertmer (Converge, Pig Destroyer, etc) and recorded at Brick Top Recordings by engineer Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos), « Blinded » is a crusher from start to finish. Songs like « Frontal Lobe » and « Live to Loathe » are the band at their heaviest and most adventurous so far. All of it fueled by a vitriol and pain that makes them stronger than all.


1. Frontal Lobe
2. Mind Control

1. Blinded
2. Blind Stare
3. Live To Loathe

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