HEARTLESS – hell is other people – CD

CDsouthern lord recordings2011


Heartless are an abrasive, dark & dirty metallic hardcore punk band from from Pittsburgh, PA.

They initially came to the attention of Southern Lord via their association with another great band: Masakari. Like Masakari they play a brand of hardcore that could easily be passed off on first listen as power violence, but upon repeated listens one will uncover an array of other influences like metallic hardcore ala Integrity, straight up crust punk and burly, and bottom-heavy dark hardcore like Cursed or Nails.


1. Clean Slate
2. Resuscitate/Suffocate
3. Cede
4. Late
5. Undulations
6. Tight Grip
7. Deject
8. Pathogen
9. Out Of Focus
10. Cast Down
11. Blinders
12. Cop Out
13. Hard Feelings

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